The BC Cetacean Sightings Network (BCCSN) and a group of Saturna Island volunteers have been conducting observation studies at East Point, Cliffside, and Narvaez Bay. The goal is to gain greater knowledge of Harbour porpoise habitat usage in the waters around Saturna Island and to monitor any changes in their behaviour in the presence of vessels. Harbour porpoises are currently listed as a “Special Concern” under Canada’s Species at Risk Act. They’re predominantly seen in shallow, coastal waters so they can be particularly vulnerable to human activity. Due to their small size and elusive nature, porpoise sightings are under-reported to BCCSN. If you see a cetacean, you can report the sighting on the WhaleReport app which contributes to the database of over 115,000 sightings. Learn more

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Danielle Aherns surveying for Harbour porpoise at East Point, Saturna Island. August 2019