SIMRES needs your help for events, projects and administration. If you have a keen interest in the marine environment, a sharable skill, and are willing to dedicate some time to help us meet our objectives, please fill out the form below. We’d love to hear from you. 



This is an important volunteer position providing full oversight to the financial position of the society. The treasurer participates in meetings, communicates regularly with Board members, keeps track of all incoming and outgoing funds, participates in funding/grant management and coordinates our bookkeeper and accountant.

The job includes:

  • receiving and depositing payments, writing cheques and e-transfers, occasional visits to the bank. Much of the banking is performed online.
  • record keeping of all financial transactions, invoices and payments
  • communication with Canada Revenue to keep our charity records current. (minimal)
  • keeping insurance policies current and correct
  • participating in reviewing all contracts
  • consulting with the Board and prepare an annual budget for approval at the Annual General Meeting.
  • we have a bookkeeper who prepares monthly reports for the Board and an Accountant who prepares annual reports and the treasurer coordinates their efforts

Estimated time required: 2 – 3 hours/week plus extra time during year end and budget time. One 1.5 hour Zoom Board update/week, approx. 6 full Board meetings/year (currently by Zoom), 1 AGM/year

If you are interested in volunteering for this key position, please contact us in the form above.



We have started a multi-year project between SIMRES and Saturna Ecological Education Centre (SEEC) to observe and provide educational outreach about the Rockfish Conservation Areas around Saturna Island. We are looking for a community volunteer who will act as a project manager and liaison between all stakeholders, including the SEEC teacher, SIMRES Board members, DFO Fisheries Officers and our community. Learn more about the project here.



We have a need for mini documentary-style videos to show our projects and events. Do you have a love for creating storytelling video content with amazing natural environments, whales and people who make a difference? A portfolio or examples of your work would be helpful.



• You don’t have to be a resident of Saturna to volunteer, however we prefer that you have been here before or are able to visit periodically. We believe it’s important to have a sense of place and community to be successful.


• The time requirements depend on the position you apply for and whether it’s an ongoing job or a time-limited project or event. We are aware that these are volunteer positions, not full-time jobs.


• Are you the the right person we didn’t know we needed? If you have a special skill or body of experience that you believe will be helpful to SIMRES, but such a position is not shown here, please contact us. 


• These are presently volunteer positions, however, sometimes we are able to raise funds to cover wages associated with these positions. Though they may not pay the rent, these are deeply satisfying endeavours with a highly engaged and dedicated group of people.